A New Adventure

by Bob Black on February 9, 2014

bob-has-movedI’m a little over a month into this new adventure and seeing as I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey the Lord has me on, I thought it would fun to share some of what’s happening with you as well.

PATHFINDERS in the Marketplace”  This new chapter of life began to feel like reality as I packed up my office at YFC and then made the official move to my new office (111 Waterloo St, Suite 303) on January 1st.   With boxes piled up all around me and a folding table to work off of, a fresh coat of paint and the installation of carpet soon found its way to the top of my priority list.  And now, with a fresh look and the anticipated arrival of office furniture, the word “organized” (I love being organized) is finding its way back into my conversations.  Having said that, as nice as it’ll be to have a functional office, the higher priority has been the launch of the actual ministry and thankfully, there’s a lot going on already.

Interestingly, it was last May when a friend and I decided to run an “Alpha” program for business leaders – to be held over lunch for seven consecutive weeks.  As we talked about when we’d begin, he suggested the first Tuesday of January, 2014.   At the time, that seemed like a long way off but looking back, I can now see how this was all in keeping with how the Lord was leading in my life.   You see, last May I had no idea that the Lord would be calling me into a new ministry on January 1st and without a doubt, the launch of an Alpha luncheon was the perfect way for me to begin this new adventure.  In all, we have about a dozen friends involved and to say the least, it’s going incredibly well.  So many great conversations are coming out of our times together and just like so many Alpha experiences, people are choosing to follow Christ.  Add to this, over half of our group are now asking “What’s next?” so it looks like a follow-up Bible study will begin soon.  And, for an extra shot of encouragement, friends who have heard about the “Alpha luncheons” we’ve been running are telling me they want to be included in the next one.


Some other guys playing pick-up

Another highlight is the recent and growing interest in faith related issues that are surfacing in the lives of some of my hockey friends.  The league has well over 300 guys playing in it and although we’re not exactly NHL calibre, I’ve been thinking that there’s no reason why we couldn’t have a Chapel Program just like the big boys!!   Thankfully, I was given permission to present this idea at a recent hockey banquet and since then, a good number of players are telling me they’d be interested in something like this.  Finding the best time to meet is still being worked out but it’ll happen, I’m sure.

As the ministry continues to take shape, there are lots of meetings and even more one-on-one conversations filling my days, all of which leave me feeling very encouraged and thankful.  No doubt, my consumption of coffee is dangerously high but that’s a story for another day.  For now, let me say a huge thank you to all who have felt led to support this new ministry.  Please know that I am deeply grateful for the part you’re playing in this adventure and although I still haven’t raised my full budget, God continues to affirm that I’m right where He wants me and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s this – when He guides, He provides.

A lot more could be shared but this is probably enough for now.  In the meantime, let’s keep looking to God for great things in the days ahead.




P.S. 3 quick thoughts …

  1. My website should be fully operational as a ministry tool real soon.  If you want a sneak preview, check it out at www.pathfindersitm.com
  2. If you’d like to connect to hear more about Pathfinders and perhaps, how you can invest/get involved, send me quick reply and we’ll “do coffee”.
  3. I’m working on a way for people to encourage their Pastor(s).  If you’d be interested in hearing how we could encourage yours, send me a note and I’ll let you know what I’m thinking.


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